I hope you enjoy my salsa. It's just one of many traditional recipes brought from New Mexico by my parents. For many generations these recipes have been served to our family and friends. Today, I am happy to be able to share them with yours.  

Sincerely, David A. Martinez

Our Products

D.A.M. Salsa

D.A.M. blue-eyed mild.

Medium D.A.M. Salsa

Just D.A.M. right [medium].

D.A.M. Salsa

D.A.M. hot!

Sabrosa D.A.M. Salsa

A tasty and flavorful twist to eat on its own or in any recipe. 


DAM Salsas have been made with attention to quality and care from traditional family recipes that date back over 100 years... 

New Mexico

Jose Martinez delivering items to various New Mexico towns by cart in 1919.

Portland, OR

The Martinez family restaurant La Casa de Rios, open from 1972 to 1984. 

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